Welcome to our help section, On this page you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the internet issues, about LNT Infotech, about our plan & offers and many more.

Who We Are? (About Ourself)

We are internet service provider & we are located in
  • Hemja, Hanuman Chowk near Ward Office



What are the services Available?

What are the services Available?

  • Broadband Internet Services
  • WI-FI Hotspot Services
  • Hosting Services
  • Intranet Services
  • IPTV Services

What documents can I give as identity proof and Address Proof?

For Company:

  • Company registration copy
  • Vat/ Pan Registration
  • Signed Mutual Agreement

For Individuals

  • PP Size Photo
  • Citizenship/ Driving License copy
  • Signed Mutual Agreement

What could be the reasons for slow browsing?

There could be various reasons for slower browsing. It could be either at Client’s side or ISP. However, in our experience, following simple things cause the slow browsing.

  • Unsecured WiFi set up
  • Wi Fi Password hacked by others
  • Sharing the connection to multiple users
  • Less throughput of WiFi routers
  • WiFi routers positioned in wrong spot

6. Will my service get disconnected due to payment issue?

Yes, the customer will get disconnected automatically by our system. Customers are informed about their package expiry 3 days prior to their expiry date, so they can pay bills by visiting our office or can pay through online mode of payment. 30 days is considered as billing period.

Problems Faced

Internet not working:

v  For Fiber link

  •         Check whether the power is turned on or not
  •        Check whether red light is blinking on router which means problem in fiber.

v  For Wireless link

  • Please check power status of both wireless router and Access Point. 
  • Make sure POE is powered on and UTP cables is properly inserted.


v  Too Slow internet

  •  Check whether the customer device is within the range of WiFi Router with strong signal or not. It is recommended to use additional WIFI router as a repeater as a solution in case of weak signal issue.
  •  Check if any of your background software applications are quietly consuming network resources.
  •  Please reboot your router as it may be continuously on and may get hanged due to heating.
  •  For best speed, customers are recommended to use internet through LAN Cable instead of WIFI.
  •  For other issues, please do contact our support team.